National Heritage Act Gaz 3361 ACT 27 of 2004

29 Aug 2014
Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 40 (1) of the National Heritage Act of 2004 (Act number 27 of 2004) of the removal of the Equestrian Statue Monument from the National Heritage Register.

22 Oct 2010
The National Heritage Council of Namibia has recommended the proclamation of Spitzkoppe as a Section 54 Conservation Area.

05 Oct 2010
The National Heritage Council of Namibia has given notice that it proposed to recommend the proclamation of 13 national heritage places in the country.

23 Nov 2007
Efforts are underway to establish a National Heritage Register of Namibia that will serve as a national inventory of proclaimed heritage sites and objects.

10 Mar 2006
The National Heritage Council (NHC) has been officially inaugurated and it will assist John Mutorwa, the Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture in promoting public understanding of Namibia's heritage at the same time developing and conducting community information and educations programmes.

The MDG-F Culture and Development Joint Programme, funded by the Government of Spain, is a nationally owned programme that seeks to promote pro-poor public policies, strengthen national and local c

8 Jan 2015
The National Heritage Council of Namibia would like to inform the Namibian public that the wooden bridge at the Original Dias Cross National Heritage Site has collapsed.

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The baboon head at the Brandberg mountains just before reaching the famous White Lady Rock painting