Mutorwa inaugurates National Heritage Council

The National Heritage Council (NHC) has been officially inaugurated and it will assist John Mutorwa, the Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture in promoting public understanding of Namibia's heritage at the same time developing and conducting community information and educations programmes.

The council, which was inaugurated on 8 March, will also advise the Minister on the state of Namibia's heritage resources and on any steps needed to protect them.
It will identify, conserve, protect, and manage places and objects of heritage significance.
Heritage resources include ethnographic art objects, buildings, conservation areas, objects of scientific or technological interest, archaeological and palaentological sites, meteorites sites, historic shipwrecks and shipwreck objects.
All 18 members of the NHC belong to various organisations that deal with culture, history and heritage.
For the selection of the 14 appointed members and the four alternate members, the Ministry sent out letters to various organisations involved in culture, tradition and history in all the regions to select people they felt would be able to represent them.
Mutorwa said the selection was done according to the National Heritage Councils Act of 2005, and did go to Cabinet for the final endorsement of the selected.The Act governing the NHC became effective on 1 September 2005 replacing the National Monuments Act of 1969.
The NHC is funded through a budget approved by Parliament; fees; interest derived from investments; and funding received from the donor agencies.

Courtesy The Namibian Economist

10 Mar 2006