Filming permit for Desert Rain Films








Monday, November 2, 2015 to Wednesday, November 4, 2015






  1. This Filming and Photography heritage permit should achieve the purpose for which it was proposed and must be conducted accordingly (the attention of the Permit is drawn to the purposes of the permit);
  2. You are requested to submit a copy of the documentary to the National Heritage Council before publish it, so be able to check the factual accuracy of the site filmed;
  3. The National Heritage Council of Namibia must be acknowledged in the documentary;
  4. The Filming should only be done during daylight and camping activities at the site are not allowed (unless the applicant request permission from the National Heritage Council of Namibia);
  5. Upon completion of your filming you must provide the National Heritage Council of Namibia with two (2) edited copies of your final films and a CD of all photographs;
  6. The Filming locations, their landscapes and cultural integrities of the both sites must be respected (vandalism activities are not allowed);
  7. This permit DOES NOT allow you to commercialize the film without any consent of the National Heritage Council of Namibia;
  8. A final report must be submitted to the National Heritage Council within 3 months of completion of this filming; if the production is too large, an extension can granted in writings by the applicant 1 month before the lapse of 3 months of submission of a report;
  9. This permit does not exempt the applicant from any conditions that may be imposed by owners, hosts or any other relevant authorities who have stake in the artifacts;
  10. The National Heritage Council  shall not be liable for any losses, damages or injuries to persons or properties as a result of any activities related to this permit;
  11. This permit is subject to the provisions of the National Heritage Act (Act 27 of 2004). Should any of the conditions contain herein conflict with the Act; the provisions of the Act shall prevail.