Hiking permit for Mrs Fruh Beate








Thursday, August 13, 2015 to Saturday, August 15, 2015





The National Heritage Council of Namibia Secretariat is hereby granting Mrs Fruh Beate (German) and Mr. Loth Bernd (German)  permission to visit the Gaseb Gorge to Konigstein Upper Brandberg Heritage Site through HIKING ONLY, on the 13 August  to 15 August 2015 under the following conditions that: 


 1. Mrs Fruh Beate and company are not authorized to make use of helicopter activities at the Brandberg Heritage Site because:

The Brandberg Heritage Site is a sensitive Ecological and Cultural Heritage Site in Namibia with the highest accumulation of rock art sites in Southern Africa. The site has since 2002 added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List of possible for Nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hence it’s against the spirit of the site to have helicopter landing onto the Mountain as this will not only impact and disturbs the environment and ecology (flora & Fauna) and cultural integrity but also compromise its chances of being nominated as a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

2. A hiking fee of N$300.00 is paid at the Tsisab Ravine Reception of the Brandberg Mountain and an additional N$300.00is paid to the NHC guide that will guide you to thr Konigstein-Upper Brandberg Mountain (prior to the departure of the trip)

3. This permit urges the holder Mrs Fruh Beate and company to respects the ecological, natural and cultural integrity of the site and keep in mind that all rock art and archaeological sites in Namibia are protected by the National Heritage Act 27 of 2004 therefore basic precautions to ensure the safety of the site and its contents must be taken:   
      a) Do not move or remove any artefacts you may find at a site;
      b) Do not touch the rock paintings at the site nor add graffiti to rock panels;
      c) Do not walk or climb across rock art to get to get closer to other images, or simply to explore, or to take a shortcut to another place. Unauthorized trails are illegal at the site;
      d) Do not make rubbings on rock paintings. Rubbings cause damage to images by abrading them and sometimes by leaving behind residues of the materials used to make the rubbings;
      e) Do not use chalk or other materials to outline the figures. This is vandalism, besides which it is unsightly and can cause permanent damage to the rock art;
      f) Do not lean on the rock art panels or boulders as this contribute to deterioration of the rock art images;
      g) NHC shall not be liable for any losses, damages or injuries to persons or properties as a result of activities related to this permit;
      h) NHC does not exempt the holder of this permit from conditions that relevant authorities may require.

4. Mrs Fruh Beate and company will be accompanied by Mr. Alfons Uwuseb (NHC Brandberg Guide)