Temporary export permit for Marc Laflamme







Sunday, June 1, 2014 to Friday, July 31, 2015





  1. This scientific study  should achieve the purpose for which it was proposed and must be conducted accordingly.
  2. All aspects of an archeological and palaeontological research must be carried out in accordance with professional standards; these standards must be scientifically comprehensive.
  3. Appropriate strategies and methodologies for dating and environmental analysis must be applied.
  4. Only materials allocated accession number: F1268-F1338-cloudina, Namacalatnus. F1340-1343;1347;1349;1350-1353;1357;1359-1362;1367-1391 from the Geological Survey of Namibia will be exported under this permit.
  5. All samples must be returned to Geological Survey  of Namibia before this permit lapsed.
  6. The institution housing these materials while being studied MUST ensure maximum security for the materials.
  7. Copies of all papers including a publication of work resulting from this work must be submitted to the National Heritage Council of Namibia and Geological Survey  of Namibia upon completion of the study. 
  8. A final report must be submitted to the National Heritage Council of Namibia and within 3 months  after completion of the research.
  9. Upon completion of your research, you must provide the National Heritage Council of Namibia and Geological Survey  of Namibia with each one (1) hard copy of your research publication resulting in this research.
  10. This permit does not exempt the applicant from any conditions that may be imposed by relevant authorities who have stake in the artifacts/
  11. NHC shall not be liable for any losses, damages or injuries to persons or properties as a result of any activities related to this permit;
  12. This permit is subject to the provisions of the National Heritage Act (Act 27 of 2004). Should any of the conditions contained herein conflict with the Act; the provisions of the Act shall prevail.